Daily Fantasy Basketball Leagues

Daily fantasy basketball leagues played for real money allow you to cash in on your roundball knowledge. You compete against other basketball fans, choosing your own dream lineup of NCAA college athletes, or NBA pro basketball players. Players are awarded points for several categories, including two and three point field goals, free throws, rebounds, assists, blocks and steals. Points in some leagues are taken away for turnovers. Since the NBA and NCAA¬†leagues have action every night of the week during their seasons, you have access to daily fantasy basketball leagues and contests, as well as weekly and season-long events. When your contest is over, your hand-picked team of players is compared to your opponents, and the winner gets paid. This means you don’t get stuck with an injured or overrated player on your roster. You can play in as many different leagues and tournaments as you wish, as there are hundreds of contests offered every day, and win real money. ¬†If you are looking for information on improving your results, you may want to visit our page how to play daily fantasy basketball leagues.

How Daily Fantasy Basketball Works

After opening an account and making your first cash deposit (we provide convenient click-through access to the top rated daily fantasy sports sites here on this page), you choose a contest. These could last one day or one week, and there are also specialty tournaments and season-long leagues as well. You can select according to entry fee, available prizes, start time, salary cap and several other filters. Whether you play college or pro fantasy basketball, your players will usually receive three points when they make a three point shot, one point for a free throw and two points for any other successful field goal. Rebounds, assists, blocks and steals will also award a specific number of points depending on the site you are playing at, and turnovers will sometimes cost your players a point.

After selecting which daily or weekly league you want to play in, you choose your team. You will either have a salary cap amount of money to choose your entire team, with players having different values, or there will be some other player selection format. That is it. You can then view remaining time and watch your scores live at your control panel, viewable on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC. When you outscore your opponents, you get paid. And every day you can play again, using your same team, picking all new players, and entering any number of leagues, contests and tournaments you choose.

Playing Daily Fantasy Basketball For Real Money

Playing daily fantasy basketball for real money provides you an opportunity every day to earn money betting on your favorite sport. The top daily fantasy basketball sites offer freerolls, so you can get started for free. Entry fees for head-to-head and multiple player tournaments and leagues can run as low as one dollar, and prizes for daily and multi-day leagues can reach five and six figures. The rotisserie league-like format also allows you to compile your dream team, without having to keep a particular player for more than a day. That is the powerful advantage over season-long fantasy basketball leagues, where you are consistently dealing with injuries and nonperforming players. If you don’t like your lineup when you play daily fantasy basketball, you can start an entirely different team in a different league or contest, and even manage multiple teams at once. And if you get a bit of late breaking news which affects any of your teams, you can change your lineup as many times as you like up until the start of a player’s game.

Top Fantasy Basketball Betting Sites

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Daily Fantasy Basketball Legalities

Is Playing Fantasy Basketball For Real Money Legal In The United States?

The 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in the United States considers fantasy sports gambling a contest that takes skill. And it certainly does. Because of this, daily, multi-day, weekly and season-long fantasy basketball leagues played for real money online are legal in the United States. In most other countries around the world, playing fantasy basketball is also a legal proposition.

What To Look For When Choosing A Fantasy Basketball Betting Website

Daily fantasy sports is still a relatively young industry. That is good news for you. There is extreme competition among fantasy sites. This forces the best fantasy basketball betting operators to keep on top of their game, ensuring that you get the best possible product. And while any of the established and legitimate daily fantasy sports sites we have reviewed and recommend will offer a great experience and a lot of wonderful features, there are a few things that you want to look for when choosing your fantasy basketball betting website. (Note: We cover each of these in detail in our Daily Fantasy Sports Reviews section.)

What Is the User Interface, Software, Control Panel Like?

The first thing you need to do is open multiple accounts at several top rated fantasy basketball sites. This is free to do, and you are not obligated to make a deposit ever. This allows you to “test drive” all of the better sites, to see which ones you prefer. You need to also check out the mobile experience, if you will be playing form your smartphone. While the basic game play is going to be the same at most sites, your Control Panel, the types of games and contests offered, and several other criteria will be arranged in a different format depending on which site you are playing at.

Since most of the more popular and higher-rated daily fantasy sports sites do not require a download, it is easy and quick to open accounts with all of the legitimate operators we list here. Then you can enter a few freeroll or low-cost ($1) tournaments, and get a feel for how each site operates. This way, you can always have access to the biggest bonuses, and the perfect contests and matchups that you are looking for.

What Are the Cash Bonuses or Player Rewards Offered?

We mentioned how competitive the daily fantasy sports industry is. Because of this, the top companies offer you free bonus money when you make a cash deposit. You can also receive extra money deposited into your account when you get your friends to join and play as well. Compare and contrast the bonuses and ongoing player rewards you receive at different sites, to get the biggest bang for your fantasy basketball buck.

What Types of Games, Tournaments and Leagues Are Offered?

When you play fantasy basketball online for real money, you have lots of choices. You can either play head-to-head in public or private leagues, or choose to match your skills against hundreds or even thousands of players. The most common type of contest is a one-day tournament or league, but there are always Thursday-Friday tournaments, 50/50 competitions which move through multiple levels, continually advancing the top half of the field. Your website may also offer Pick ‘Em contests and other specialty games and promotions. The only way you’ll know if a particular site is for you, is when you open an account, hit the lobby and see what types of fantasy basketball games, tournaments and leagues are offered for yourself.

How Do You Deposit and Withdraw Money?

All of the top ranked, established daily fantasy basketball sites offer convenient credit card account funding, and some even allow you to use your PayPal account to make deposits. Adding and withdrawing money is always quick and easy,as long as you stick to the well-known and reputable fantasy football betting sites, the ones we have reviewed for you. Once you open an account, simply hit the Cashier, Customer Support or FAQs section to understand your banking options. You can also just check out our reviews of the daily fantasy basketball sites which are known for offering the best all-around experience, and the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Daily Fantasy Basketball Factoid

DraftKings runs a “Big Wednesday” NBA fantasy basketball promo every week, offering over $100,000 in guaranteed prize pool (GPP) money.