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How To Play FanDuel Fantasy Sports

The premise is simple. You make a cash deposit into your FanDuel account, and receive some free extra bonus money as a reward. Using a salary cap fantasy format, you hand pick a roster which you will start today and today only. This allows you to earn money daily with no season-long commitment. You play against other fantasy sports lovers just like yourself, and immediate, daily cash payouts are the reward. As much as $1 million worth of cash is paid out every day, and if your fantasy lineup outperforms your opponent, you win. That is how simple it is to play and win with these legal one day fantasy sports contests. And unlike season-long fantasy leagues, if you suffer an injury to a major player, you can still play tomorrow or next week with an entirely new team. You don’t get stuck in a one-year commitment, or get burned all season-long by an under-performing player. (Editor’s Note: Chris Prince from Detroit has won over $539,638 playing FanDuel one day fantasy sports.)

Promotions and Player Bonuses

Probably the most attractive FanDuel promotion is their “you win or your money back guarantee” for new players. Very simply, and with no hidden catches, when you sign up and make your first deposit you not only receive free bonus money, but if you lose your first FanDuel league or head-to-head contest and decide the site is not for you, you simply contact them for a full refund, no questions asked. We mentioned the welcome bonus money, and you are rewarded with more money depending on the size of your deposit. Currently, a $10 deposit gets you $3 free, and a $200 deposit will earn you a generous 75% bonus money, or $150. You also earn bonus FanDuel Points (FDPs) every time you enter a money game or league. Whether you win or lose, you accrue FDPs to enter any paid contests. There are also FDP free roll tournaments every month where you can use these points to enter.

A weekly depositors freeroll bonus is also available. Anyone who makes a deposit between Friday and Thursday is immediately included in the Sunday Depositors Freeroll tournament. 10 winners are then awarded entry into one of the high dollar weekly tournaments, such as NBA Rebound, The $90,000 NFL Kickoff or the Major League Baseball Line Drive contests. And the generous Refer-a-Friend promotion awards you up to 35% of all contest fees paid by your friends and family members that join. The site additionally runs bonus freeroll tourneys and satellites on a consistent basis.

Are US Players Legally Supported

FanDuel legally supports US and Canadian players, with a special exemption from the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) as a game of skill as opposed to luck.

Contests and Games Offered

You’re probably familiar with fantasy sports of some kind. FanDuel offers one-day salary cap fantasy sports gambling, either head-to-head or in a league. Leagues can consist of 5, 10, 50 or even more than 100 fantasy players just like yourself. Private and public leagues are offered, and there are massive satellite contests that help you skip large entry fees, still giving you a chance to win up to $1 million. Professional basketball, hockey, baseball, football and college basketball and football fantasy betting is covered. This includes the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA Football and NCAA Basketball leagues. There are often specially contests and tournaments which are centered around important sporting events, like the World Series, the Super Bowl and March Madness. FanDuel added a popular 50/50 format a couple of years ago. This revolutionary new way of combining both head-to-head and multi-player leagues rewards the top half of all finishers with the same price they would have won in a head-to-head contest.

Banking Options, Deposits and Withdrawals

Convenient credit and and gift card funding is available through American Express, Visa, Discover and MasterCard. You may also use your PayPal account to add and withdraw money. A certified check is also available for withdrawals. All of those transactions are secured by special data encryption technology. Deposits are instant, and withdrawals require just a $1 minimum, processed in most cases within 24 hours. (If you choose the convenient and safe PayPal cash out option, FanDuel covers all of your PayPal fees.)

Customer Support and Service

With their one-of-a-kind guarantee 100% refund on your first game if you are not satisfied, FanDuel shows that customer service is king. Instant support over the phone and through a live chat is offered, and you can also submit a support ticket via e-mail.

FanDuel Software and Interface

The most successful FanDuel one day fantasy sports players play multiple games at the same time. They love that you can port a single lineup into multiple leagues with just a couple of mouse clicks. And brand new players to this real money fantasy format love that the software creates a control panel and user interface which is super simple to understand, and easy to use. When you log into your account, you can click on your user name in the upper right-hand corner and view your transaction history and any available promotions. You can add and withdraw funds, and check your spot on multiple leader boards.

You can also review past leagues and head-to-head contests you have played in, and check your current balance. Look to the left side of your display and you will see all the available sports offering current leagues you can participate in. The site software also conveniently allows an advanced search feature where you can filter by start times, next available tournament or all of today’s action. You can also search for leagues according to salary caps, and either beginner, standard or expert cap, as well as entry fee level.

A special mobile app has also been created. Simply head to the FanDuel website on your smartphone or tablet, scroll down to the bottom of any page, and click on “Mobile Site”. Special responsive technology will then perform a diagnostic on your smartphone or tablet, delivering a customized display that is perfectly formatted for your mobile screen size. Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod mobile devices are supported. And unlike some one day fantasy sports leagues offering real money wagering, FanDuel allows you to make deposits, follow your games and even set lineups from the mobile interface.

Summary and Overall Experience

As reported by the revered Wall Street Journal, a normal week on FanDuel now offers more than $6 million in “up for grabs” cash money. And while playing fantasy sports over an entire season is super enjoyable, sometimes you just want immediate satisfaction. That’s what FanDuel provides. Pick a lineup. Pick an opponent or league. Test your fantasy sports predicting ability against others, and receive a win or lose “instant gratification” one day or week outcome. As the pioneer of the daily fantasy sports gambling industry appearing in 2009, FanDuel really does dictate how all its competitors deliver their offerings. The site even offers free practice games. The baseball and football fantasy tournaments literally create millionaires every year, and you can qualify through either a low cost or even free satellite contest. Customer support is excellent, and since this is viewed as a skill-based enterprise as opposed to a lucky gamble, legal support for US players is provided. With more than 12,000 cash money leagues available and growing every day, FanDuel is the Michael Jordan of the one day fantasy sports industry. Since you can get started with as little as $10, and you are guaranteed a refund if you are not totally satisfied with your first head-to-head or league contest, click the link provided and get started right now!

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