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Draft Kings’ NBA Tip-Off event is a nice incentive for fantasy basketball fans to try out fantasy sports betting. The tournament is actually a collection of four different events generally broken down by prize amount and difficulty. Fantasy basketball isn’t quite as big as the football or baseball versions of the game, though it is gaining popularity in the United States, reflecting a generally upward trend in the NBA’s popularity.

Because fantasy basketball leagues are not as as big as other fantasy sports such as football, the prize pools are lower relative to entry fees, but the competition is limited. There is great opportunity for a knowledge fantasy owner to earn some decent prizes for relatively small investments. Only Draft Kings is running this promotion, and in fact, FanDuel has not yet announced any such basketball event for this season, though Draft Kings’ biggest competitor does offer fantasy basketball competition. Creating a wedge between itself and its competition, Draft Kings has put together a sweet set of prizes for their 2014-2015 NBA kick-off event.

Here are details on the four tournaments that make up this year’s Draft Kings NBA Tip-Off Tournament.

The $50K Layup

Entry for this beginner-level fantasy basketball tourney is just $2, but entry space is limited to a few thousand entrants. The top prize is $5,000. Free entry into the 2014-2015 $50k Layup is available to new customers and first-time depositors at the time of this writing, with that promotion’s ending unannounced or as-yet unscheduled.

The $100K Pick and Roll

The top prize available here is $10,000, for an entry fee of $12. Like the other tourneys Draft Kings is running for the NBA this year, space is limited. The higher entry fee and larger prize pool means stiffer competition.

The $100K Showtime

With an entry fee $200 (and an available top prize of $20,000), you’re likely to find some of Draft Kings best fantasy owners participating in this year’s Showtime event. Space is limited to 250 entrants, all of whom will be among the best and brightest of the site’s customer base.

The $400K Crossover

Entry into the biggest and most-lucrative of Draft Kings NBA tourney schedule is available through satellite events only – there’s no fee, but it takes a good deal of skill to win a spot. Satellite fees range from $2 to $5, but the top prize of $100,000 means competition will be tight. The competition is limited to 3,750 players, ten of whom will win at least $1,000.

You can visit the site directly using the link below, or read our detailed Draftkings review for more information.

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