Fantasy Website Reviews

Fantasy sports betting site reviews range from the useful to the sublimely stupid. Really, the same goes for reviews of anything online – too often, reviews are written by people whose primary job is to create content just good enough to pass review and fill space. Our reviews are written by real fantasy players and cash bettors, people who are active in the Daily Fantasy Sports and other real money fantasy communities.

The fantasy sports betting sites reviewed here are not just written by people who know the game, they’re designed to be useful. These are not advertisements, they’re not filler material, and they’re not even educated guesses. The reviews here lay out the specific details about each site, and only those details that are useful to potential customers.

Reviews Of The Top Rated Fantasy Sports Websites

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About Our Fantasy Reviews And How We Vet The Sites

It’s important to understand how we vet and rank the fantasy betting sites we review. Future fantasy bettors can expect to find certain pieces of information in all of our reviews. We gather this information from our own experience as active members of these services, and all information in these reviews is up-to-date as of their time of publication.

The following categories are those we find of most use to people hunting for a new fantasy betting website, facts about existing services that will help bettors make decisions about where to do their wagering. Included in each of our reviews is information about these sites in the following categories:

Design & Software

For our money, this is the most important single feature used to compare today’s fantasy wagering platforms. If the site isn’t designed intuitively it may not be to most users’ liking, especially over any considerable period of time. Using a poorly-designed website is a drag. As for software, this is particularly important for mobile users accessing a fantasy betting service through a download app. The same rule counts here – if an app is poorly-designed, customers won’t want to return and participate. We’ll also cover special features in this category, and for most fantasy betting sites, the most variation comes in terms of their available user features. As the industry develops, customer loyalty may be driven more by solid design and innovative software than any other factor.

Markets Covered

Also important is the availability of wagers in the sports and leagues that an end-user wants to wager on. In most cases, fantasy players are quite discriminating, preferring one or two specific forms of the game. There are few fantasy golf owners who also play fantasy hockey, for example. For the most part, the world’s top fantasy betting sites share a common list of markets, but the absence of some sports from some services may be enough to scare a potential customer away.

Bonuses & Promotions

Two types of online bettors exist: those that chase bonus money and promo offers and those that don’t. People looking for a new fantasy betting site can learn about sign-up and reload bonuses as well as other special promotional deals offered by websites that offer fantasy sports wagers. We also cover areas such as refer-a-friend rewards, loyalty points systems, and special offers made to mobile-only customers or to those who play a particular fantasy sport. While it isn’t advisable to join a site simply because of a promotional offer, some fans find this a useful rubric by which to compare different betting websites.

Banking Options

This category is important for a simple reason – users know what financial transfer methods they have access to and like to use. If a site doesn’t accept a payment method (or pay out withdrawals) using any method familiar to a potential customer, they’re far less likely to participate with the service. Checking to see if a website you might want to patronize accepts and pays out funds in familiar methods (be it PayPal, traditional credit/debit, or prepaid cards) is important, and our data is up-to-date for all reviewed services.

Customer Support

Details about websites’ customer support teams is about as important as the site’s available banking options – potential customers know what forms they like to use, whether its live chat or online contact form – and we provide accurate information and contact data for the services we review. This is another category where some websites set themselves apart; generally speaking, the more available contact methods for customer service, the better the service’s rating.

Finding online reviews that are well-written is difficult enough; finding well-written material that’s also useful is nearly impossible thanks to the flood of out-of-date and inaccurate details posted on the Internet in recent years. Our reviews are totally fact-based, non-biased sets of data made available to people who are hoping to find a fantasy betting site that they’ll enjoy. For details on bonuses, available markets, finances, customer service, and performance, check out our reviews of the world’s top fantasy betting websites.