Daily Fantasy Hockey Leagues

Daily fantasy sports have really exploded the last couple of years. There are basically four or five major players who do an outstanding job providing you with the opportunity to play in daily fantasy hockey leagues in a head-to-head format or against multiple players, while also legally providing you the ability to wager a small amount of money which can provide a big payday. Simply put, these top websites allow you to use your hockey expertise to make money. You are basically turning your hockey knowledge into spendable cash, by competing against other hockey fans. For those looking to improve their results, you can check out our section on how to play fantasy hockey leagues.

You can access fantasy hockey tournaments, leagues and contests from your smartphone, PC, laptop or tablet, and continually change lineups up until opening face-off. There are also generous bonuses which you are instantly awarded when you make your first deposit. This in some cases allows you to as much as double the money you are betting with, depositing and withdrawing money is quick and easy, and you do not have to make a season-long commitment like in a typical fantasy hockey league. Let’s see just how one day fantasy hockey works.

How Daily Fantasy Hockey Works – How You Play

If you have ever played fantasy hockey over the course of an 82 game season, you already know basically how daily fantasy hockey works. Except with this version, there is no season-long commitment, and you get immediate cash payouts when you win. Each of the top daily fantasy sports (DFS) sites has literally hundreds of games, contests and leagues you can play every day, and entry fees range from $1 to over $500. How to play is simple. Choose or create either a private or public league or head-to-head matchup, pay the entry fee, and start drafting your players. There are all types of specialty games, but you will usually be using a salary cap, meaning you will have a specified amount of money to choose your team.

Every player on all teams in the National Hockey League is available, and each has a specific fantasy cost/value. Your players earn points every time they score a goal, an assist, they win a game (as a goalie) or take a shot on goal, and for other actions. You can edit your lineup at any time before the games in your league start, and you can play in multiple leagues. After your games start, you follow the scoring online, and when all the games for players in your league or on your team are over, the winners are awarded cash money. Obviously, there are minor differences from site to site, and we recommend logging into the top hockey fantasy websites and opening free accounts, to see exactly how they work.

Playing Daily Fantasy Hockey For Real Money

Probably the most exciting part about daily fantasy hockey leagues for the diehard hockey fan is the ability to bet real money. Chris Prince from Detroit has won over $539,638 playing daily fantasy sports, so we are talking real money here. And individual daily hockey leagues can have as few as two entrants, or several thousand, paying hundreds of dollars or tens of thousands of dollars in a single day tournament. You can play in 50/50 tournaments which continue to advance and pay the top half of the field through several rounds, you can invite your friends into multiplayer contests or head-to-head matchups, or join the public tournaments and leagues already assembled.

All you need is a knowledge of hockey and a couple of dollars, and there are even freeroll tournaments frequently offered at the top daily fantasy websites that you can enter for free. And probably one of the greatest aspects of the competitive and established daily fantasy sports sites is the free money they give you when you sign up. You can deposit as little as $10 in most cases, and you will be given extra money to add to that so you can start playing immediately. If you love hockey and love the competitive nature of placing a wager on your knowledge of the game, get started today and sign up below.

Top Fantasy Hockey Betting Websites

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Fantasy Hockey Legalities

Is Playing Fantasy Hockey For Real Money Legal In The United States?

You may wonder if it is legal where you live for you to make a deposit and start gambling on daily fantasy hockey leagues. Most countries are much friendlier when it comes to online gambling than the United States. But actually, the US UIGEA legislation which governs web gambling has decided that fantasy sports are games of skill. Because of this, they are not considered gambling. In other words, it is entirely legal to enjoy playing fantasy hockey for real money as long as you are of legal gambling age where you live, in the United States or abroad.

What To Look For When Choosing A Daily Fantasy Hockey Betting Website

Odds are you have heard of some of the top operators in the DFS industry like DraftStreet, FanDuel and DraftKings. And when you open an account at those established, dependable and enjoyable online fantasy hockey sites, you can’t go wrong. When you click through the links we provide here on our website, you even get free bonus money added to your account. Sign-up takes about 2 minutes, and you can be playing immediately thereafter. If you want to know a little more about the intricacies of daily fantasy sports in general, and hockey in particular, check out our daily fantasy site reviews. We cover completely those topics which we are about to mention, and these are the things you should be looking for when you choose one daily fantasy hockey betting website over another.

What Kinds of Games, Contests and Leagues Are Offered?

This is pretty straightforward. And first off, remember that all of the top operators will provide access to NFL, MLB, PGA, NBA and NCAA fantasy sports as well as hockey. If you prefer head-to-head one-on-one matchups, make sure there are a lot of these offered. Some players prefer to join leagues with hundreds of other hockey fans that require only a $1 entry fee. This allows you to risk next to no money, with the ability to win hundreds or thousands of dollars. The professional players make sure there are lots of guaranteed prize pool (GPP) tournaments available, and you can really only tell if a site is for you when you click below and open up a free account, enter a freeroll which requires no money from you, and actually play in a few leagues.

What Does the Mobile Interface, User Control Panel and Software Look like?

When it boils right down to it, you need an easy to read, quick to use interface. You want to be able to change your lineups super-fast, at any time before a game starts, copy lineups to multiple leagues, and see exactly how you are doing at all times. As long as you stick with one of the most well-known and popular daily fantasy hockey providers we recommend, you will always be happy with your user interface, on mobile and PC. But we still recommend opening your own accounts and checking out the software experience and control panel yourself.

How Much Money Do I Get in My Welcome Bonus and Are There Any Other Player Rewards Offered?

To quickly answer part of this question, most daily fantasy sports sites will pay you when you get friends to join up as well. That having been said, the big players in the fantasy hockey business do match a portion of your opening deposit. For instance, if you want to get started inexpensively, at many sites you can deposit as little as $10. Your bonus free money could be as much as $2 or $3. And when you deposit more money, you get more money. Some sites even match dollar for dollar your opening deposit when you add $100 or $200 to your account for the first time. That immediately doubles the money you have to play fantasy hockey with.

How Do I Get My Money In and Out?

Most of the top sites offer convenient credit card account funding, and can pay you out to your PayPal account. There are always multiple deposit and withdrawal options which are fast and reliable, and you may request a cash-out immediately after winning.

What Kind of Specialty Games or Promotions Are Offered?

This is a great question. And you really need to know the answer to this. Because of the incredibly competitive nature that has built up thanks to the worldwide popularity of daily fantasy sports the last couple of years, each site offers something a little different. One site may focus on huge GPP tournaments offered every day. Another of the top DFS sites may have developed a reputation for huge payouts with only a $1 entry fee. Some sites specialize in high roller head-to-head matchups, while others offer the best chat room experience where you can talk with other daily fantasy hockey fans just like yourself. Sign-up to multiple daily fantasy sports sites, grab your free bonus money, and see exactly what they offer.