Daily Fantasy Football Leagues

Daily fantasy sports leagues, the most popular being fantasy football, are an offshoot of an enjoyable pastime which started back in 1963. Oakland bar manager Andrew Mousalimas made George Blanda the first fantasy football draft pick, when the Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League (GOPPPL) was founded. The idea was to join other NFL football fans, and take turns drafting National Football League players to form an imaginary or fantasy team. Fantasy managers played against each other, and money prizes were awarded at the end of the year. Daily fantasy football leagues are a wonderful variant of that original idea. Except instead of having to wait for the 17 week NFL season to be over to see if you cashed in your league, daily fantasy football websites give you the ability to win money each week. There are multiple types of scoring formats, draft processes, leagues, tournaments, head-to-head matchups and possible ways to play. You can bet as little as $1 on your fantasy knowledge, or several thousand. And thanks to the Internet, you have instant availability to the top daily fantasy football sites from your smartphone, tablet or laptop 24/7.  We offer a page on how to play daily fantasy football leagues that will likely improve your results and provide some helpful information you didn’t know.

An Introduction to Playing Real Money Fantasy Football Online

Participating in daily fantasy football leagues, head-to-head contests and multiple player tournaments allows you to benefit from all the upside of a traditional season-long fantasy football league, with none of the downside, while betting real money. That means you can choose a fantasy football lineup for one week, choose how much money you would like to wager, pick the number of participants you would like to compete against, and then change your entire team, league or contest next week and do it all over again. Similar to standard fantasy football, you draft a team according to a snake draft or salary cap. You draft real-world players from the NFL, and they score fantasy points according to set rules depending on which daily fantasy site you are playing at.

But if you have ever spent a first-round draft pick on a player poised to have a monster year, only to see that player go down in the first game (think Tom Brady a few years ago), you know how frustrating fantasy football can be. And while the majority of daily fantasy football sites focus on weekly matchups, tournaments and leagues, some are starting to offer season long fantasy football options as well. This format will appeal to you if you enjoy betting money on your fantasy football knowledge, and getting a quick (weekly) result. This is also an attractive legal betting option for fantasy football players that don’t like to get stuck with an injured or under-performing player for an entire season. If you have a bad week, simply draft someone different the next week.

Playing Daily Fantasy Football Leagues For Real Money

If you enjoy betting real money on NFL football games, and you live in the United States, you will love daily fantasy football action. Unlike sports betting, it is not viewed as an illegal activity in the US, since it is considered a game of skill. Unless you live in Nevada and can get to a physical sportsbook, it is tough to find a place in the United States to legally make an NFL wager. And since you can hand pick your fantasy lineup, you have much more control over the outcome of the contest than when you simply place a wager on an NFL game. While some daily fantasy sports sites will offer snake drafts, survivor leagues, pick ’em and specialty games, the most common that you will run across is the salary league or contest.

At websites like FantasyFeud, DraftKings, FanDuel and DraftStreet, you are given a set amount of money to draft your team. You then use that money to draft players at a set number of positions. You can play head-to-head against one other fantasy football team manager, play in a league with multiple entrants that awards much more money, and you can bet as little as $1 or as much as several thousand dollars. And the beauty is that you can win money each and every week, changing parts or all of your lineup, and joining as many different leagues and contests as you like, all online.

Top Fantasy Football Betting Sites

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Daily Fantasy Football Legalities

Is Playing Fantasy Football For Real Money Legal In The United States?

Probably the number one question you hear sports fans ask about playing online fantasy football for real money is, “Is it legal?” Without getting into a bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo, just know this. Some states, like Arizona, Montana, Louisiana, Iowa and Vermont, are very restrictive as far as to what type of Internet gambling they allow in the realm of fantasy sports. But every other US state, and most countries, consider fantasy football and other fantasy sports played for real money to be a game of skill. This means it is not considered gambling, and is therefore legal. At the federal level in the United States, playing fantasy football for real money online is exempted by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) for the same reason.

It is considered a contest which is determined by “the relative knowledge of the participants, or their skill at physical reaction or physical manipulation (but not chance), and, in the case of a fantasy or simulation sports game, has an outcome that is determined predominantly by accumulated statistical results of sporting events, including any non-participant’s individual performances in such sporting events.” Before signing up for any daily fantasy sports site, contact the customer support team or check the FAQs area to see if you are excluded in your state. But in most US states, and most countries, playing fantasy football for real money is entirely legal and supported.

What To Look For When Choosing A Fantasy Football Betting Website

If you understand traditional fantasy football, will you understand weekly fantasy football leagues. And the nature of the NFL, with teams playing one game each week, is perfect for the online fantasy gambling format which allows you to change teams weekly, start new teams, enter different types of leagues and either play head-to-head in a private or public setting, or join tournaments with thousands of players. But there are a few things you should look for.

Is Mobile Support Offered?

If you will be making changes on the go, make sure that your particular daily fantasy sports (DFS) provider offers a mobile application or support. All of the top providers we list here have excellent, easy to use, dependable mobile platforms.

What is the Software / User Interface / Control Panel Like?

You’ll also want to be sure that your site’s software provides an interface which you quickly and easily understand. It is free to open an account without making a deposit at the best real money fantasy football sites we have reviewed and recommend, so we strongly urge you to do so. This allows you to pick just that site which offers an interface and contest selection which caters to your needs. (We have provided click through access to the top sites, because only you know what you will like, so check them out.)

What Welcome Bonuses Do I Get?

You want to make sure that you receive decent promotions and player bonuses. The most legitimate and popular fantasy football gambling websites present you with free bonus money when you open an account and make a deposit. This instantly gives you more gambling power.

Are Other Fantasy Sports on Board?

You should also check to see if additional sports like the NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA and NCAA are supported, since football does not run all year long. All the top rated daily fantasy sports sites cover all major sports.

How Do I Deposit, Withdraw Money?

Contact customer service and inquire about banking options, deposits and withdrawals. How easy is it to get money in and out?

What Types of Contests and Leagues are Offered?

If you prefer a certain type of game play, for instance snake drafts over salary cap drafting, make sure that option is offered. Are there low and high dollar contests available? You should also check on Freerolls, because these cost you absolutely nothing, and can put money in your pocket.

As daily fantasy sports analysts, we have reviewed the top fantasy football betting websites which offer season long as well as weekly contests and tournaments. One of the quickest ways to dependably break down just what a website has to offer is to check out our Daily Fantasy Sites review section. But we highly recommend opening a free account at all of the top rated daily fantasy sports sites, since you are under no obligation, and then check them out for yourself.

Fantasy Football Trivia

Peter Jennings is just like you. He loves fantasy sports. But unlike you, he won the FFFC Championship and a cool $150,000, just by playing fantasy football on his PC at FanDuel.