Fanduel $2 Million Vegas Tournament

Imagine a weekend in Vegas. Now imagine that weekend is actually four days of fantasy football in a custom-designed viewing and entertainment center on the Las Vegas Strip. Imagine prizes as big as $2,000,000, all for nothing more than a small entry fee and your fantasy football prowess.

FanDuel sponsors an annual event in Las Vegas called the World Fantasy Football Championships. This year, the top prizes are bigger than ever before, and for the first time the event is actually made up of four distinct tournaments. With the four tourneys ranging from a $5 buy-in (for a potential top prize of $10,000) up to the invitation-only FFWC tournament, players of all skill levels can compete in fantasy football under a variety of different sets of rules.

All told, this year’s FanDuel World Fantasy Football Championship event will award over $12 million in cash prizes between December 11th and 14th, 2014. How players get there varies from tournament to tournament. Here is a quick breakdown of the four tourneys:

$100K Survivor

The 2014 World Fantasy Football Championships are made up of three “Survivor”-style tournaments and one final major event. Each Survivor tournament comes with a different prize package, and these tournaments are available at three levels. The first, requiring a $5 entry fee, pays out a total purse of $100,000 to its top 3,000 players, with first prize winning a $1,000 reward. The finalists for this event will be flown in for the WFFC event, to experience a special weekend surprise as well as an entire fantasy football weekend getaway package in Las Vegas.

$200K Survivor

The slightly higher stakes available to players in the $200K Survivor require a slightly higher entry fee – in this case, $25. Like the other tourneys during the WFFC weekend, finalists will be flown to Vegas for the final event to determine a winner. There are no qualifiers for joining these Survivor tournaments except paying the entry fee and joining before the tournament rosters fill up.

$300K Survivor

To get a shot at the $30,000 top prize available in this fantasy football Survivor tourney, players must pay a $200 entry fee. Because this tournament is prohibitively expensive for more casual players, the $300K Survivor is one of the more difficult and competitive such tournament events in the world.


The FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship is the grand-daddy of all the tourneys taking place this December, handing out $2 million to its final champion and a total purse of $4 million to the top five finishers alone. All of the top 100 entrants in the FFFC will win cash, with even last place taking home a tidy sum of $15,000.

But the cash prizes aren’t all the FFFC tournament packages reward. Qualifying tournaments taking place during regular weekly play at FanDuel reward 100 special prize packages that include a trip to the World Fantasy Football Championships, entertainment and dining all weekend, and an unforgettable fantasy football experience. The prize money brought home by each of the competitors is icing on the cake – in the case of the top five finishers, that’s quite a lot of icing.

Of course, the only way to gain entry to any of these tournaments – the only chance a player has of winning the fantasy football package of a lifetime – is to join FanDuel and participate in the Survivor tourneys or FFFC qualifying events. FanDuel is an industry-leader, and the burgeoning fantasy football betting industry is in the middle of a media and commercial frenzy. Prize packages have never been this big and participation has never been this widespread. Join FanDuel, compete for the World Fantasy Football Championship title. Stake your fantasy claim to millions of dollars in cash prizes. You can read our Fanduel review if you want to learn more about this company, or visit the site using the link below to read about this killer promotion.

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